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September 29th, 2012 at 03:23 pm

The girls and I are in So Ca on our girls trip. We are really having a nice time. The rental car that we got is much nicer than I expected..a sporty black car that is taking us everywhere we wanted to go.

Yesterday, my friend had to work. So the girls and I were on our own. DD1 wanted to go back to the house where my parents lived when she was little. This is the same house that I lived in from 11 through high school. We got to the house and she was so shocked at how small it had gotten over the years. Smile In 1983, DD1 was just a year old and my dad had laid some cement to extend the parking area. He had DD1 put her foot and handprints in it and dated it and put her name. She was in awe when she saw it. There was my dads writing and her tiny prints. I asked the owners if they would be ok with us getting pictures and they said sure. I will post a pic when I get home.

Then we went to the park where we both played as kids. Of course they have updated the equipment since then so it looked different, but it was still pretty neat.

Finally, I did something I havent ever done. I drove past the intersection where my brother died. It was almost overwhelming. (Still is as I type this) It has been 24 years, but was very raw yesterday. He was on his new motorcycle (had it 3 months) and came out from under the underpass and hit the car ahead of him. It was 6 at night and I suspect the sun was at the perfect angle so that he couldnt see clearly...of course, that is what my mind was able to wrap around ..Although it was sad, I am glad we did this.

Then we headed to the Pacific Coast Highway and had lunch at a little Irish place called O'Malleys. Lunch was wonderful. They had a wood fire in the fireplace and DD1, DD3 and I just enjoyed each other. Lunch was $28.

I have to say, it was surreal to drive all the freeways that I drove as a teen...the buildings have changed (aged or been remodled), but it was still "home" to me.

Then we headed back to my friends house.

This morning we girls are going for pedicures (they are really inexpensive here) and then I am not sure what we are doing.

So far, this years girls trip has been one of my favorites.

4 Responses to “Reminiscing”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Have a great time!

  2. snafu Says:

    Have the best time ever! Have you been impacted by the closure of sections of 405? I guess you've all noticed the average home is quite bit larger now than in the late 70's.

  3. patientsaver Says:

    Going back to places I lived before is always very bittersweet. I'm not sure why. Hugs, Ray! Big hugs!

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Thank you Julie, Snafu and PS..we are having a great, at times bitterweet, time here. Thank you for the hugs PS...I wasnt really prepared for how much emotion I would have after all these years,...He was just 30...younger than DD1 now. Frown We already go home tomorrow afternoon. Wow does time fly when youre having fun. The pedi's were such fun. Tonight we sat in the jaccuziand enjoyed a glass of wine together. I always apprectiate the well wishes here. So many of you are like a second family to me.

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