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I probably wont ever be a cheapskate..

October 24th, 2012 at 04:28 am

Today was a no spend day. Lunch and dinner were leftover teriyaki chicken with green beans. Breakfast was oatmeal that I cooked on Sunday. I always have 2-3 cups of coffee at work (free) + some creamer. This week I have pumpkin yummy.
DD3 was at the house when I got home and she had some of the leftovers for dinner too. She really liked it.

Tomorrow should be another no spender. I have oatmeal and creamer at work still, and there is enough leftover chicken for one more meal (lunch). I also have leftover steak from this past weekend in the freezer that will make dinner. It is nice to not have to spend my allowance because of using up the food.

I have been watching the new show extreme cheapskates. I havent really seen anything I would do to save money..but it is interesting to see what others would do. I can see why they are called extreme.

Ways I save money include not buying more than one pair of tennis shoes, sandals, and work shoes at a time. I use up my makeup before buying new. I dont buy pjs, rather I use old t-shirts, shorts.. I use shampoo and soaps that we get at hotels to stretch my supplies, I use leftovers, I but creamer and get coffee free at work, I send for and use free samples, I use my purses until they die (one of my favs I got at a yard sale for .75 cents that lasted about 4 years.

Things I am not so good at: helping my kids when they need it- I still dont say no as often as I should, our tv service - we pay for satellite TV and extra football service because I love watching football, food and fun while the hub is home. I pay a guy to keep the yards mowed (this is a co-workers husband who is trying to make it as a new US citizen- money well spent IMO)..

I stick to a budget pretty well. When we lived in the country house, I hung our laundry most of the that I live in the city and dont have a laundry line, I depend on the dryer much more...I save gasoline and wear on the car living in town, but we also have two house payments (minus a small rent payment from the hubs nephew who lives at the country house). Until housing prices come up, I am not going to sale the city home. I love living in town- especially when the hub is gone so much. Someday I might sale and move back out to the country house..
but that wont likely happen as long as I am working full time.

9 Responses to “I probably wont ever be a cheapskate..”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Still haven't watched that show.. maybe tonight?

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    brace yourself if you do. extreme is appropriate for some of the ideas. Smile

  3. Wino Says:

    Is the title sarcastic? From the comment, I guess not. I don't understand. What you do you don't consider yourself a "cheapskate?" I have been more frugal than you in the past, but I definitely considered myself a cheapskate then, and I don't see the word as an insult. It's more compact than "extremely frugal spender."

    You should get a billfold with a velcro closure. That way, it'll scream when you open it. Wink

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Wino- My title comes after watching the show. I definately do things to save..but the show takes frugal to a whole nother level...that I would not venture into. (ie..Pee in a bottle to save water from flushing) Extreme Cheapskate is a new show..btw..and no, comparitively, I will never be one.

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    ps...never an insult from me. I live by the live and let live philosophy. But I dont think Id ever enjoy a dumpster dive meal. Correction, I know I would never...but again, to each his own.

  6. Blessed Says:

    I wouldn't do most of those things. It is extreme! My husband wouldn't even watch it once he saw the previews about peeing in a bottleSmile I am pretty frugal but won't do the things on the show though I did get 1 idea!

  7. North Georgia Gal Says:

    I have been watching the show as well. I did get the idea of a fiscal fast from the show, where you don't spend any money for a week. I might try that real soon.

  8. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Not sure if anyone saw the show I saw last night. This lady is a CPA. She dumpster dives for dinner and serves it to her guests, does not use toilet paper, and used a bulldog clip from the office to keep her 13 year old shorts from falling off. That is extreme. As for the title extreme cheapskate, I just call myself frugal.

  9. Thrifty Ray Says:

    wow- I agree, frugal is so much better- at least IMO.

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