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Productive day!

October 29th, 2012 at 12:43 am

Today was a stay at home day. I left all the spending up to the hub and DD3. The hub wants tacos for dinner, so he stopped and picked up the supplies to make them. He and DD3 are at the movies with DD2s kiddos (granson age 8 and granddaughter almost 4) They are seeing the transylvania movie. Dd2 got called into work today, so DD3 offered to babysit.

I stayed home all day and got the kitchen cleaned, mopped, cleaned the master bath, washed our sheets, laundry..just a busy get er done day.

Between the movie and groceries, we spent about $40.

Back in the 80s, I had an electric fondue pot. It died years ago and I never replaced it..but I am considering getting one again- would like to have it for our trip to the vacation rental in two weeks. I think a chocolate fondue would be a big hit. I was looking online and there are so many options and they arent too expensive. I may get one before the trip. Also, this might make a good idea for CHristmas gifts. None of the girls have one..and I remember they were quite fun. Something to consider.

This has been a great productive weekend- but like most of them, it went way too fast.

I am watching the news on hurricane Sandy. My thougths are with everyone who will be impacted by this looks to be a doozy. :/

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