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Free doesnt always mean good...

November 16th, 2012 at 02:57 am

Last night we had a board meeting at work. Why this matters on my blog is that the leftover food is free for the taking the next day and November always means a turkey dinner! I partook (is that a word?) of the leftovers at lunch and it was honestly the worst turkey meal Ive ever had. Free, but bad. Oh well, at least it didnt cost anything.

Today would have been a no spender, except a co-worker mentioned that our local kids club was calling previous donors to ask for help with the holiday meal they will be serving next week. I happily chipped in $ to help.

I realized today that I havent heard anything from my friend who has the MLM business since I told her I wasnt interested in selling or buying. I am relieved not to be constantly solicited, but I am wondering if that extended to our friendship. We always get together sometime during CHristmas, so I will send her an invite to see.

The hub called tonight to let me know he is back on the Slope safely and headed back to work. Its really quiet at the house tonight. Will be for several weeks. But lots to do for the Holidays to fil the time.

1 Responses to “Free doesnt always mean good...”

  1. Wino Says:

    You didn't spend. You donated. I think that's two different things. In my opinion, you're still good on your NSD.

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