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The birthday party

November 19th, 2012 at 02:47 am

Today was my youngest granddaughters 4th birthday party. She is so stinkin cute. Long blond hair, huge bright blue eyes- and the sweetest little personality all rolled into a ball of energy. (Biased...not too much!) I bought her a little lap harp and a minnie mouse doll with dress up clothes. (she adores minnie mouse). I love buying gifts like the lap harp that encourage creativitiy and interest in arts and music. I budget for all birthdays for the year and then split that amount by 12 and deposit each month. The two gifts came in under budget- I watched for sales and actually bought the gifts on sale a couple of months ago.

I am seriously considering dropping our Directv at the first of the year. I enjoy it, but the hub and DD3 wont be home much this winter and it really doesnt seem worth the cost. Especially with the online options out there. This would save over $100 a month- so I may try it and see how it works for us.

I am going to look for other ways to cut back too. The first of the year is always a good time to challenge all expenses and see if there are ways to cut back.

I only work two days this next week. I have plenty of coffee creamer left at work. Lunch will be mini bagels with herb turkey lunch meat, lettuce and cranberry sauce. Dinners will be chicken. DD2 needs a sitter for Z, so I will have him on Wednesday.

This was a fun weekend. I am so glad I have a short work week ahead.

2 Responses to “The birthday party”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Nice job getting those (very nice) gifts early and on sale, so it could lead to some savings. We have been doing that both for birthdays and for Christmas time, so that we have some insurance against a budgetary blowout at the end of the year. Smile Your granddaughter sounds like a doll!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It sounds like you had thoughtful and fun gifts. Smile
    Dropping the Dtv probably would be good - especially if you don't use it much. Get hooked on Netflix instead. Big Grin

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