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Time to settle down and refocus

December 26th, 2012 at 05:01 am

I love the Holidays and giving and visiting- the prep, the anticipation. I also enjoy when things settle back down and I start planning for the New Year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day-

Tomorrow I plan to start the savings account for the 2012-2013 bonus money. So far I have received $350 in cash, $197 on the visa 1% rebate for the year. I will be getting two more rebates/bonus payments that will also go into this savings.

The hub has been working 17-20 hours a day this past week. I dont know how he does it- thankfully, there is an occasional day that is back to 12-14 which allows him to get some rest. The extra money he earns will be going straight to debt.

I definately fell behind on housework with so much company in and out this past week and so much going on. Knowing this week is going to be as busy as it is, I am a little anxious about staying on top of it all. One day at a time this week...

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  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Housework? What's that? Oh wait, it's the big pile of work waiting for me after the guests leave. I feel you on that one.

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