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Working weekend ahead-

December 27th, 2012 at 05:48 am

I deposited the $350 into the visa rebate account, which had $197 already, bringing the total to $547. Once the other rebate and bonus money is received, I will transfer all to ING.

I will be working all weekend, starting mid day Friday until late Sunday night. The job is paying for hotel, travel, food, etc- so this weekend should be a no spender. Then, I will be able to take a comp day on Monday- which I plan to use to grocery shop. Tuesday is a New Years and a paid next week will be a short week.

The place we like to go to for weekend getaways is having a special while the hub is home next. Pay for 3 nights, get two nights I booked a home for 5 nights! We split the cost with friends, so it makes for an inexpensive getaway. I always look forward to these trips. This one will cost $75 per couple per night. The house has two master suites with king each couple will have a nice retreat.

Tomorrow the hubs paycheck will hit pending. This is his first check since he started working the remote road (and significant OT). Until about May will be quite a bit more than normal and the extra is going to go to debt.

Because of the weekend ahead, I wont get my Christmas decorations down until New Years this year. Another reason I enjoy having an artificial tree!!

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