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Time to think. I have a plan.

March 27th, 2013 at 02:16 am

11 hours, most of them in the car today. For a whole bunch of that time, radio was out of service area. What's a girl to do but solve all of lifes issues floating around in her brain.

My thinking theme today was the stress that clutter is putting my my life. I constantly shuffle and try to organize..only to do it all again and again. Its time to minimalize my possessions.

When I stopped for lunch, I made a starter list of all the things to go through and thin out:

The toy closet
the garage
blankets and sheets
bathroom products that either didnt work, or I havent used
Kitchen gadgets

This is my starter list. Also on the side burner..the garage, old jewelry, miscellaneous storage drawers, old electronics and cords.

My goal is to end of with less of most of these items than I keep. Spring cleaning started tonight. I weeded through my dresser drawers and got rid of everything that doesnt work or that I dont use. Some was trash, some will go to goodwill. I succeeded on tossing more than I kept. Smile

CC3 payment is pending...tomorrow I should have a nice ZERO balance. I havent heard anything about the car.

The coast was gorgeous again today. I had a late lunch with a beautiful ocean view. What a treat. However, after 11 hours, I was ready to be back home and in my jammies. (The ones that made the cut!)

Smile Life is good!

5 Responses to “Time to think. I have a plan.”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Love it! I'm a big believer in less stuff. It's easier to clean, find things and less to THINK about.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    one of my major stresses as a mother was the 'stuff control'! Every 6 - 12 months I did a big reduction (and at around ages 10 they started resisting more!). Fortunately as teens they accumulate significantly fewer toys, books, etc.

    Couple things I adopted that would work for ANYONE:

    1. day or week after thanksgiving we always 'made room for santa' and purged toys/clothes/books

    2. store things in clear bins, it just works that if you see what you have much less tendency to buy more

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Good luck with the declutter! I definitely feel less stressed and scattered when I've gotten rid of some things and can see some clean spaces. I've gotten to a point where getting rid of a bunch of stuff is fairly routine. It sneaks in so quietly and quickly that every few months I detect a problem area in the home and go to work! Just recently I attacked the girls' closet area, and it makes my heart feel lighter to see that we actually have a few blank spots on the shelves, vs. no room at all for one more thing.

  4. North Texas Mommy Says:

    I totally agree clutter = stress. I would like to reduce my belongings to half of what they are. I know that's an ambitious goal for me but it would be nice!

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm thinking about doing a declutterathon during spring break - help to make the last two months of school less stressful! Good idea Smile

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