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Plumbing is DONE.

May 5th, 2013 at 04:22 am

I spent today working out at the little place that I will be moving into and getting all of the plumbing work done on both the little and big houses on the country property. The little place, a park model RV is cleaning up cute as a button. It will be so cozy at just under 400 sq ft. I intend to keep it purposefully minimal there.

The plumbing repairs took all day. About 9 hours with two people working pretty much straight through. The repairs included putting in new piping for the sink, dishwasher and washing machine in the big house, PLUS repairing the toilet and hooking up a sink in the downstairs 1/2 bath. AND at the small house, repairing all the pipes that cracked because the house did not get winterized, (note to self- NEVER let this happen again) adding a shut off valve up at the small house so we dont have to run a half an acre away to turn it off when there is a problem, replacing the heating element in the hot water heater and cleaning out lines that have become narrow with mineral buildup (theres a name for it, but it eludes my tired brain tonight)

I feel I got a great deal for all of this - $500. Money well spent to know that there is new plumbing, hooked up and declogged and working at both places- since I will be there alone 50% of the time, at least, knowing things will work is huge for me.

Check mark.

My feet hurt, Im a little sunburned, and Im tired, but things are coming along.

Tomorrow, I am taking a mid day break to FINALLY get my hair cut- its been a year, it needs it...and I am going to have it colored while I am there. Im tired of my unintended gray highlights and my hair is desperately dry..I am afraid to get around open flames. So it is time.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am taking the kids uncle (my exes brother- ditched the ex, but stayed in touch with J all these years) dinner. He was the plumbers helper today and refuses to take anything for helping. He is retired and enjoys helping- and wrote out a to-do list of things to help with while I am at the coast for work this next week. I really, really appreciate his help- he is a retired contractor/plumber and knows his stuff.

It was fun spending the day back out at the property. There was a great breeze this afternoon and the dogs (our 3, J's, and the nephews- all labs) had a blast playing all day.

I had to run to the (little) store out there a couple of times for misc hardware- they are celebrating 30 years of being in business and had a picture up of the little original 'corner market' building..which was there when we first bought the country house about 18 years ago. They have really expanded over the years - for a small independent, local store, the prices are fair. They have even added a small mexican food diner, a real estate office and added on a hardware and farming supply section.

It is starting to feel like home again out there. Although there are months of work left to do on the big house. One bite at a time.

Life is good!

3 Responses to “Plumbing is DONE.”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Big Grin Sounds like a good day.

  2. snafu Says:

    Can you tell me how to organize an RV? How to utilize the space is my giant size quandary ? What is important for day-to-day management? How do you outfit/organize the bathroom? How do you utilize all those cabinets above the bed? Planning meals, organizing the different 'zones' like above the 'dinette,' around the sink, stove & fridge. Do you store pantry foods in the large fridge? Which small electric appliances are important?

    I sound like a new immigrant rather than a middle age housewife. Can you tell DH bought a small, older RV and is determined to spend spring and summer travelling secondary highways. I need help

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Snafu- a park model is a little different than a regular is really more like a small sized mobile home. However, we have had a travel trailer for years. I found that organizing our travel trailer was a matter of setting up zones, as you mention above, and keeping just what you need/use in it. It was trial and error for a while..utilize all storage areas and avoid unnecessary duplicates. As far as using the storage above, under beds, etc. my answer is YES.

    We found it was helpful for an outside table. This provided extra space when we were parked. I kept a crockpot in mine- but appliances and what you take/store appliance wise, depends a lot on whether you plan to use full hook ups or not. We love campfire coffee, so always kept a campfire coffee pot, but when we planned to have full hook ups, we would take the coffee maker too..

    I preferred zip lock bags to bulky plastic containers and often transfered food to ziplocks for easier storage (rather than the containers (boxes, plastics) they are sold in. I determined what spices we needed kept them in small marked ziplocked bags rather than spice containers...

    Good luck! We loved our travel trailer and the memories we made in it!

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