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Tough week..but I can do this!

June 20th, 2013 at 04:09 am

Tough week. I have been hurting inside and out- bruised body and a bruised heart. Hard to focus on finances like this, but its been a fairly frugal week. When you dont eat, you dont spend a lot on food. ugh. Enough of that.

I am keeping my finances separate. I think that is best. Unfortunately, there were lots of joint expenses and I have little to live on until next Friday. He said take what I need, but I am determined to make it on my own salary. All bills are paid, and I have enough for food and gas.

Tomorrow is a big day at work. A huge project is finished and I will finally start to slow down to a semi-normal pace, the first since the beginning of the year...after June 30, work life will get fully back to normal- (which is still busy, but not nearly as ridiculous as the last 6 months)

I wish I had a crystal ball. You would think by my age I would have an idea of what the future looked like.

12 Responses to “Tough week..but I can do this!”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I am sorry you are still hurting. Both types of hurting. (((HUGS)))

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) Yes, I think making the best attempt to live on your salary is a good idea.

    I do hope you consider counseling, alone at a minimum, together if you can. Counseling together doesn't have to be for the purpose of getting back together, but at a minimum to understand where you both are and bring understanding and maybe closure.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    You can do it!!

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I have learned that that crystal ball is just not available. Take it one day at a time.

  5. twest Says:

    ((Hugs)) Thinking of you in this difficult time.

  6. MissAngel Says:

    You can do this! This is tough, but you can be tougher.

  7. Ima saver Says:

    I love you Ray, hang in there!!

  8. scottish girl Says:

    Thinking of you.

  9. Joanne Says:

    Sorry that you are still hurting. I too would want to keep my finances separate. Wishing you better times ahead..

  10. Kiki Says:

    Thinking of you during this difficult time.

  11. Looking Forward Says:

    Hang in there Ray. ((HUGS))

  12. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    {{hugs}} Ray. I've been thinking about you and hoping you were doing okay.

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