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Internet is working again and Payday at last!

June 29th, 2013 at 04:03 pm

My internet hasn't been working the past two days. I semi-embraced the forced 'unplug' but missed reading the blogs.

I used part of the time to reorganize my tiny bathroom and it is now much more functional.

There is very little on TV that I want to watch. Even with the "free premium channels" that the provider tossed in to the move deal. Those will definitely go away when the trial period is over. Since I would not subscribe to it, but R wants it, I am budgeting the expense to come out of his account.

Yesterday WAS payday THANK GOODNESS. I paid my bills and have some left over that I will allocate this weekend to different save/spend buckets. Working two budgets, with both paychecks hitting the same checking account, then splitting some of the bills and directing others to "his or mine" makes for a tricky spreadsheet. I haven't got it perfected yet. I am using two checking accounts, but the bills are all allocated to come out of one of those. I will have to work on simplifying this process.

Today is a girls day with DD2. She is kid free for the morning, so we are going to take advantage of the opportunity.

Update on Z:
The case worker says that he will be moving to N Dakota with bio-gramma in 30-45 days. Neither bio gramma or bio mom have taken advantage of phone visits and haven't spoken/skyped with Z in a few months now.

Time will tell. He had a major success this week, he went potty in is little training toilet. He was so proud of himself. Big Grin

2 Responses to “Internet is working again and Payday at last!”

  1. snafu Says:

    Who is making the decisions that has dumbed down TV making it too silly to watch. Obviously we're not their target market. That attitude stuffed teen replayed endlessly on CNN was awful. That girl was role playing, obviously not grasping the difference between TV make-believe and the fact that her friend was dead and this was a real life trial.

    Hope you'll share ideas to make a small bthrm more functional. I sure could use help. Are you finding that your banks are charging more fees? Services that were free in the past now have charges or have limited transactions. Do you use a CU?

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    WTG little Z using his potty!
    I am praying to God that his bio-family will love and treasure him or that he can come back home to your DD. ((hugs))

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