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Organizing a small living space

June 30th, 2013 at 10:47 pm

Today was one of the more productive days Ive had in several weeks.

I have spent the day at home weeding through the things I thought I needed to bring (which was more than I really needed) and organizing the things that I am keeping in the little house. I am learning that 390 sq ft is plenty of space for one, especially when you stick to the necessities and organize so that everything has a place. The stuff I am moving out, will go out into my dads workshed.

Here are a few of the closets that Im done with:

My closet:


Above the stove:


This morning I put a pot of boneless ribs in the crockpot. I found a bbq sauce I really like and this will make good leftovers again this week. I also have half the split pea soup I made last weekend ready to defrost for meals this next week.

I also tossed an enchilada casserole together using leftover flour tortillas, some black beans, green salsa, cheese and olives, which will take care of a couple of meals.

Looking forward to a 4 day work week ahead. DD1 is home from their vacation and DD3 comes back from Alaska in a few days- DD3 is going to stay in the big country house for a while- so I will have someone to visit with in the evenings.
And a final picture...of my cat. Sometimes, you just want to sit in a paper grocery bag: Smile

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  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    Cute picture! Your meal always sound so yummy!

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