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Perfect Pancakes, even from a mix...

July 8th, 2013 at 03:04 am

My 9 year old grandson spent the night last night. It was nice to spend one on one time with him and to have the outside space for him to run and play. Staying here is a much better solution than an apartment would have been.

We got up this morning and GS made us pancakes- not quite from scratch like we have in the past, but from a mix that I had on hand. Of course, he is an old pro at adding the 'secret' ingredients, since we have made pancakes and waffles together since he was first old enough to stand on a chair in my kitchen. Even mixes need the secret ingredients to make the pancakes/waffles taste right. (Vanilla and cinnamon, but don't tell!) Thankfully, he determines just the right amount of each- and every batch is his best ever. Big Grin

He even got creative and surprised me with this one:

Then, we went outside before it got too hot and he played while I read. His mom picked him up about noon.

I am trying to read more with my free time. I use the library regularly again and also have several books on my kindle that I haven't read. So far, sticking with free reading options is working out. I love Amazons option of sampling books before you buy them. If one grabs my attention, I put it on reserve at the library.

I splurged tonight and took DD3 and her roommate out to dinner. (The girls are renting rooms in the big house). It was too darn hot in either house to want to cook, and Mexican sounded good to all of us. Dinner plus tip for 3 - $45.

This was a good weekend. I actually was able to relax and enjoy myself. Its been a while.

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