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A busy Saturday

July 27th, 2013 at 11:22 pm

I am being treated to a special breakfast this morning. My 9 yo grandson is making pancakes all by himself. Usually he makes them with some help, but today he asked to do it solo. So, I am sitting back and observing. He clearly has been paying attention. I am so proud of him!

DD2 is working all weekend so she needed sitters for the kids. I volunteered for today- Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow.

2 hrs later:
I have some chicken breast in the slow cooker. I have several loads of laundry washed, line dried and put away- just 1 more to go. GS has played with the dogs, rode his bike, played a video game. Its getting really hot outside again today and its really smoky because of all the fires. Neither conducive to my asthma. So, once my quilt is dried, we are going to load up and head into town. I need to refill the water bottles- which I will do at DD1s and let GS play with his cousins for a bit. Then, GS need a new pair of tennis shoes, so I will take care of that. Id love to stop by the library, but GS says he hates to read...but I am tempted to see if I can change his mind. So many adventures to take inside those books!

GSs mom gets off at 6, so I will drop him off and head home for some peace and quiet, that yummy chicken, and one of my books.

A few hours later:
Well, plans changed slightly. When I stopped by DD1's the cousins wanted to come back home with us, so the three of the kids have been here all afternoon playing, arguing, eating, arguing and eating. Smile

But I think they are having fun. Hopefully a parent will be picking them all up in a couple more hours and there will be quiet time for gramma. Im bushed.

All laundry is done and put away. The chicken is cooking away. And I have a nice bottle of something fruity and semi-potent chilling in the fridge.

Life is good.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    I would say life is good...a grandchild making you pancakes and showing you he paid attention...and made with love to boot! Lots of chores completed and good food and what sounds like an adult beverage waiting for you. Way to go!

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