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Another busy day

August 5th, 2013 at 01:28 am

Today was the birthday party. DD1 hosted it at a local pizza parlor. Everyone had a good time, it was nice to visit with my girls and see the grandbabies. The birthday boy had fun and received several new Power Ranger toys, which I am sure he will enjoy.

I came home and got all the laundry done. I also finished the book "Gap Creek" which I checked out from the library last weekend. It was a good story. I really enjoyed it. It is so relaxing to just get lost in a good book.

When it cools down tonight, I plan to clean out my car.

I am two weeks away from a week long vacation. I cant wait. We are going to go pick up the new 5th wheel and go camping at our favorite place along the river. I have missed camping. At least camping as we call it.

Tonight I enjoyed some of the slow cooker ribs I made yesterday. There is still enough left for 2-3 more meals. I am going to put the rest into meals size portions for lunches.

This next week is a busy one after work:

Monday: Scheduled massage with therapist Smile
Tuesday: medical procedure (third test to see whats up)
Wednesday: Sleepover with my sons two kiddos (5 and 3)
Thursday: free baseball game with box seat tickets and food Smile
Friday: Sleepover with sons kiddos again

Hopefully, sometime this week I can catch a few of the Perseids (meteor shower). I love nature's freebies and have enjoyed watching the Perseids in past years. DD3 and I sat outside for a while after dark last night, but I think that was too early. Hopefully by Friday, we can see them.

2 Responses to “Another busy day”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I read Gap Creek years ago and then, unbeknownst, checked it out again as an audiobook years later. Enjoyed it both times!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Birthday parties at pizza places are so much fun. Smile
    Praying for you with the medical issue. {{{hugs}}}

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