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Back to the daily routine

August 26th, 2013 at 04:27 am

We are home from our week away and I am getting ready to head back to work tomorrow.

I love my morning coffee and am lucky that my job provides it free. I just need to pick up a container of creamer each week. I usually spend about $3 for the creamer. I drink two cups each morning for .60.

While I am at the store, I will also pick up some inexpensive lunch supplies. My goal is to keep lunch to $3 or less per day.

Dinners will be the hubs responsibility.

Sept 3-6 are work out of town days, spouses invited. Planning session time. So the hub and I will get to stay at a resort for a few days, all meals included. During the day I will work, while he plays. Then at nights, it will be team bonding for staff and spouses. Should be fun. The hub is staying 4 extra days to attend. Luckily, when we changed his airline ticket, there were no extra charges or fees.

The hubs birthday is on Thursday, his present was included in the new trailer and generator package. Sept 2 and 8 are birthdays for 2 granddaughters and DD2.

I have DD2s gift, just need gifts for 6 year old and 8 year old girls.

End of a wonderful week using our new trailer. This is our example of spending in one area (the new trailer that we plan to use long into retirement)...while shaving what we can in others (less expensive vacation destinations, weekly food budget coffee at work, etc).

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