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Leadership class done, and meals for the week ahead

October 20th, 2013 at 11:55 pm

I am home from the class I attended Friday night and all day Saturday. It was fairly intense and was more of a self awareness course than a leadership course. I slept over 10 hours last night, so it drained me- but in a good way.

I have a 3 lb roast in the crock pot today. That will last most of the week. Tonight will be roast dinner, then- sandwiches, burritos, and a hash will make up the rest of the meals. I also have the makings for soup, which will fill in the rest of the week. I do need a few groceries, which I will use the remainder ($33)of a Winco gift card to buy everything.

I am meeting friends for dinner on Monday to celebrate one's birthday. I need to pick up a birthday gift today- and the other friend asked to go in on it. I waited until the last minute for this one..I usually am better prepared than this. I have a couple of ideas so I shouldn't have to spend too much time shopping. Tomorrow will be a long day. I have to be out the door shortly after 6am to be at one of our remote locations to train. Dinner with friends isn't until 6:30pm...Leave before sun comes up...get home well after dark.

Tuesday night, the fraud group I belong to is hosting a financial fraud seminar. We will be serving pizza to all who attend. Our topics include counterfeit bills, elder financial exploitation (my pet peeve), and the DA will be covering a current case as an example of the prosecuting steps for financial crime. It should be really educational and interesting. I am pleased that we will be able to offer this for free to the attendees.

This means that Monday and Tuesday nights, I wont be eating roast, so tonight I need to separate it into meal size portions and freeze part of it for later in the week.

No new news still.

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