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Great day, except for the library fine!

October 27th, 2013 at 03:08 am

My granddaughter and I slept in until 7am this morning. Then we got up and had a cinnamon role and visited. She is getting so big and smart. I really enjoyed the sleepover!

I double checked my library account this morning to make sure all the books I returned showed as returned. All but one did, and that one is over-due. So I started looking...and looking. I finally found it. It had fell in that black hole on the back of the recliner. Sucked totally out of sight and mind. So I went to the library today and turned it in- bringing my borrowed items to zero. A fresh start. I checked out 4 books and a book on CD for the car.

Then, I ran some errands with DD2 and Z. He is such a good little guy. We popped into Pier One. DD2 did some browsing, while Z and I found the swingasan chair. It had a couple of fluffy pillows and a cozy throw on it. He cuddled up on it and stayed perfectly content to lay there while we waited for DD2. Everyone commented what a good boy he was..he really enjoyed the gentle swing and the fuzzy, fluffy pillow and throw. And all the pretty breakables in the store, stayed on the shelves and in tact- which was my ultimate goal. Big Grin

I came home after that and had left overs for a late lunch and have been vacillating between cleaning and relaxing since.

Tomorrow I will catch up on laundry and make soup in the slow cooker. The week ahead should be a much more relaxed pace. I have lots to do at work, but no early or late appointments planned.

The leaves on all the oak trees have turned and are really starting to fall. A light breeze this afternoon made it look like it was raining leaves! So pretty. Nature's freebies are the best kind of frugal entertainment!

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I hope your fine was low. I was at the library yesterday, where I overheard an employee explaining to a young lady that once the fines are over $20, they no longer allow you to check out books until the fine is paid! Yikes.

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