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Crockpot artichokes and 3rd no spender in a row!

May 27th, 2014 at 09:48 pm

I woke up not feeling so good this morning. I have been tired for a few days now and sleeping a lot. I don't know if I am trying to come down with something or what..but I felt just off enough to take the day off and then I slept in for a few more hours.

I am feeling better this afternoon, so hopefully, I will have more energy tomorrow as I cant afford to take more time off work. I have vacation in a week and a half...and a lot of work to get done before that!

I didn't go grocery shopping this weekend, so I have slim pickens. Yesterday I had some leftover frozen taquitoes and left over soup. Today I made oatmeal and am cooking artichokes and potatoes in the slow cooker for dinner- with leftovers for tomorrow.

Today is my third no-spender in row!

This is the first time Ive cooked artichokes this way- but I looked at a few recipes and they should do just fine. I love artichokes with garlic/lemon butter.

My little house is starting to clutter up this coming weekend will be a declutter, summer cleaning weekend. Also, I am going to try mowing our land. With my asthma, that should be interesting. I will definitely have to wear a mask- but I know the hub will appreciate having the lawns mowed when he gets home.

Last week I gave a co-worker a ride home because her car was in the shop. She lived pretty far out in the country, but I didn't mind- I actually enjoyed the conversation on the drive. when I dropped her off at home, she brought out a dish from her freezer- frozen chicken enchiladas as a thank you. They were really good, and much appreciated. I have her dish, but I don't want to return it empty- however, I need to go shopping first!! Any yummy suggestions?

I am reading one of my library books - Breakfast at Sally's. It is written by a guy who found himself homeless and is about his experiences and the people he met during his homelessness. Sally's is a nickname for the Salvation Army. So far its pretty interesting- and enlightening.

Im grateful for PTO days at work- I just would rather use them for fun. However, every once in a while using one for a mental catch up day is needed. Today was definitely one of those kinda days!

2 Responses to “Crockpot artichokes and 3rd no spender in a row!”

  1. snafu Says:

    I hope you're feeling better. Have you had recent blood work to identify possible issues?

    Chili is delicious made in your crock pot and freezes well. It's terrific for summer BBQs and works well as a side for grilled hot dogs or topping for baked potatoes. My family's favorite is pulled pork but it's quite involved as we brine pork butt [shoulder] overnight and cook in crock pot all day.
    g transport
    We go to a lot of potluck get togethers in summer and find rice and chicken casseroles are very popular and inexpensive as I use leftover rice and baked chicken. The issue is keeping the cooked, diced chicken frozen until the dish is heated to serve.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    The first thing that came to mind was an apple cobbler/crisp.
    Or some other fruit -peaches, strawberries, blueberries - would be good too.. Smile
    ps. how did the artichokes turn out?

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