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This whirlwind called life!

August 25th, 2017 at 07:27 pm

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.

We learned on Tuesday that our insurance would cover the damage from the crazy storm that passed by a few weeks ago. Such a relief. Now the process begins of getting bids and making the repairs. The hub got home last night, so he will take the lead on all the projects.

We have some minor repairs to make on our 5th wheel that will hopefully be made so that we can camp in a couple of weeks.

My boss has been hinting that he may be getting a promotion and poking around the idea of me stepping back into my former role. Ugh. I am going to REALLY have to think about this one. I stepped out of the role because of stress and have no desire to go back to that stress. However, I do think it would be different this time because I would be under his direction and NOT my former boss, who was the main reason for my decision to step out previously. I am still planning on retirement in 2-3 years, so the extra money would sure help catapult our savings goals. I will give it some thought and weigh the pros and cons. Money is no replacement for stress, this I know.

My pinched nerve is better and I am back to feeling normal. I still have to consult with the Dr. about whether or not I should consider more seriously having surgery to keep this from recurring. I suppose things like this are something else to seriously ponder if I am retiring. Better to have my current coverage for a known surgery, than to wait and deal with unknown coverage with likely higher deductibles. But I dread the thought of back surgery and the potential risks that come with it.

Last week we learned that BM is pregnant again (#5). Baby #4 is only 4.5 months old and still in state care where they live. Timing suggests this one belongs to baby daddy 4 who's been in jail the past 3 months, but BM quickly moved on to a new guy who could also be the dad. It is SO FRUSTRATING.

In the meantime, Z and X are doing great. Both are thriving here. Its such a blessing to have them in our lives. I had them most of the weekend last weekend and sure enjoyed them. Z will soon be losing both his front teeth...they are so loose. He smile is going to be adorable as he starts first grade. Big Grin

3 Responses to “This whirlwind called life!”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    We had a similar storm blow through here last Saturday. We lost a large branch and some tomatoes, but other people had damage similar to yours.

    I'm glad your nerve is doing better and that Z and X are doing well!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about that pinched nerve and glad it is less painful. Sorry about the storm damage, but glad insurance is going to pony up.

    Some folks shouldn't be parents and I use that as the loosest form for the word. Maybe birth mother and sperm donor is more accurate. Fortunately there are families like yours who have stepped up to help the children like Z and X. God bless you!

  3. Fred Says:

    Well, I never really understood the common saying ‘Life happened’. But once I grew up and block pop up ads started living my own, I totally understood the meaning of this. Life is such a crazy thing that can actually do such harsh things to you.

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