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semi hoarder to minimalist - can I do it?

September 27th, 2020 at 03:05 am

During this next 6 months, I plan to downsize STUFF very intentionally. I started with my kitchen this weekend.

To get motivated, I have been watching you tube videos and researching various degrees and methods. I decided to start with tupperware. That drawer and a cupboard were scary and seemed overwhelming. However, once I got started, it got easier. Containers without lids and lids without containers were the first to go...and there were many of each. Then, I selected those that were most useful or that I liked using. Everything else, went. And finally any container that I had more than four went as well. I still have a healthy number of containers, but everything fits easily into one drawer. Any that are going and useful, will be donated, the rest will go in the trash.

Next was my very disorganized silverware drawer. Everything came out and I selected 8 of each item. Over the years, spoons and forks disappear, but butter knives and those larger serving spoons stick around. I must have weeded out 20+ butter knives and serving spoons. And now my silverware drawer is completely organized and everything has a home. The excess will be donated. Surely someone could use them.

My pantry got a major overhaul. All the shelves were emptied, my canned goods went on a large lazy susan, making it very easy to see what we have and find what we need. Outdated or unpopular stuff was trashed. Items are all grouped now. Less used items went on the bottom and top shelves and stuff we reach for routinely got the prime pantry real estate.

That was my achievement yesterday and today. Its a small start, but also a very motivating one. I am confident these changes will help save money. We have many boxes of pasta and cans of green beans, for example. Given my desire to minimize, I will be eager to use up what we have. And knowing exactly what we have will keep me from buying more because I cant find it.

After two days and just a few areas tackled, I have 3 boxes to donate. I have started a list of everything with approximate costs, so that I am ready when tax time comes around.

Tomorrow I hope to tackle my baking cupboard and then get to work on my closet. I figure it will take several months to get through the whole house, but it will be SO nice once I am done.

Have any of you gone this journey before, and if so, what great advice do you have? I am very open to suggestion!!

6 Responses to “semi hoarder to minimalist - can I do it?”

  1. mumof2 Says:

    I am a minimalist and my hubby and daughter like to keep things...makes it interesting...but yes every year I declutter and my daughter and myself are actually doing her area of the house..we started a couple days ago...and so far so good..but looks like we will be moving come feb so another excuse to get rid of more things

  2. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Periodically I go through an exercise I call ‘50 things per week’.

    I challenge myself to donate, rehome, or toss 50 items each week.
    I usually start with my bathroom cabinets, my clothes closet, and piles of papers.
    I lose focus after a while, but it keeps the clutter to a minimum.

    I do believe it saves money when you know what you have and where it is.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    It's a journey. I feel like we are infinitely de-cluttering our house. It's just a constant evaluation. (& we started in our mid 20s! I still wonder where some of this crap even came from). But I do also think it's harder with kids and more people in a house.

    We do try to stick to a 1-in/1-out rule. It helps a lot.

  4. Baroque Says:

    I'm currently downsizing. I'm replacing a lot of the daily use things such as dishes/utensils/towels. We got rid of a lot of furniture too. Planning to replace those with better quality items once we know specifically what we want.

    I let the kids go through their memory boxes, archived all the photos that aren't digital, created binders for each child of pictures/class pics/report cards/certificates. Even culled through collections where I acquired things just to grow the collection - only kept ones that were meaningful or gifts or well liked items.

    I've also embraced a capsule wardrobe concept. But I do love my shoes.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    Several months ago I went through my Tupperware/plastic collection. I'd say I got rid of about 80% of it. I am using glass/ceramic containers more, and I seem to have a nice balance. I don't run out, and I have so much more room in my cabinet.

    More recently, I donated several bags of clothing to Goodwill, and I'm working on filling another.

    It's always a work in progress. I'm not a hoarder, though. My sister is a true hoarder, and her bad example keeps me on my toes!

  6. disneysteve Says:

    Great job. If you haven't already, read Marie Kondo's book about tidying up. It really speaks to what you're doing.

    Decluttering definitely becomes a bit addictive. The more you do it and see the benefit, the more you want to keep at it.

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