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Another week in....

February 15th, 2021 at 12:17 am

The girls are adjusting to living together again.  I am glad we planned for each to have her own room and space, as its not been easy nor at times fun for them.  They have been through so much, and triggers are easily pulled, feelings easily hurt.  But for the most part, this past week was a success in my book.  We are still getting initial appointments made for our newest sister - dentist, doctor, therapist, etc.  We celebrated Valentines Day this morning, and it was such a blessing to have youngsters in the house again.  The rest of this day has just been what I call a pj day.  Everyone is just doing their own thing, reading, napping, snacking, etc.  I needed a mental break day.  Thankfully, its been a very calm day with the girls. 

The hub is still drawing unemployment.  He received a letter this week that his unemployment will be expiring soon, (why they dont give an actual date for "soon" is frustrating) which seems really fast.  He is going to call on Tuesday to find out what exactly that means.  He doesnt have to go back to work until I retire in June, but it helps to have the extra from unemployment to sock away.  I am hoping that soon is a few more weeks at least. 

I received a nice 4.5% merit increase after my annual review.  It feels so crazy to be walking away from my salary, but I am just so ready.   

My son asked me to assist with a write up this week for his website.  He was struggling with the flow of the information he was trying to present.  I spent about a half hour on it, and thankfully, he was thrilled with the result.  This is the type of PT work I will be doing for him in exchange for a small salary, which will be enough to cover my health insurance.  

Otherwise, time marches on.  Life is very good.  I hope all is good for all of you as well. 


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  1. Lots of Ideas Says:

    I think the American Rescue Plan has an extension of unemployment benefits in it - not just an additional $300-$400 per week but additional weeks.

    People laid off in the beginning of the pandemic are coming up on a year of unemployment in March!

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