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Chili, work and paying it forward

November 18th, 2021 at 06:10 pm

With our weather turning colder, I decided to make a big pot of chili for dinner a couple nights ago.  It turned out great and fed us a couple of meals.  Last night I turned the leftovers into 10 chili bean burritos and tucked them into the freezer.  These are a favorite go-to when I want a quick, easy lunch or dinner.  I used leftover hamburger for the meat, and canned beans/rotel that I got on sale - so the cost was around $10 for 14 servings!  

I pulled a steak out of the freezer and am going to try making beef broccoli for the first time tonight.  The recipe looks easy enough - so we shall see!  I am using a steak because all of my other meat is frozen in family size portions and a single steak will be enough for FD and I both.  If it turns out, the next time roast comes on sale I may get one and cut it into small portions for meals like this.

I have started researching ideas for some of the work I am doing for my son's business.  The first will be an onboarding checklist for new hires.  The business is growing so quickly that there is much opportunity for formalized processes.  They started as a two person business and have now grown to15 employees with the plan to add another 8-10 in the coming months!

All of FD's pay it forward bags are done.   She is super excited to hand them out.  We will be delivering just after Thanksgiving.  The school resource officer is on board with donating a few more items to the bags and going with her/us to help keep her safe.  I am excited to see her realize this goal.  I think this is the start of something bigger for her!!  

2 Responses to “Chili, work and paying it forward”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Great savings on that food! As expensive as groceries have become, saving what you can sure helps. I have different things in our freezer and sometimes we have what I call our buffet -- not enough for a full meal, but lots of little things for our clean out the fridge/freezer supper.

    I bet those Pay it Forward bags will be big hit. Bless FD!

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I had to create an onboarding process at my new job too, because they were operating from scraps of paper - I created a new employee form where they give their personal details, bank details and next of kin - makes it so much easier to find required information quickly!

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